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By Geoffrey K. Vallis

Fluid dynamics is prime to our realizing of the ambience and oceans. even if a number of the similar rules of fluid dynamics observe to either the ambience and oceans, textbooks are inclined to pay attention to the ambience, the sea, or the speculation of geophysical fluid dynamics (GFD). This textbook offers a entire unified therapy of atmospheric and oceanic fluid dynamics. The publication introduces the basics of geophysical fluid dynamics, together with rotation and stratification, vorticity and strength vorticity, and scaling and approximations. It discusses baroclinic and barotropic instabilities, wave-mean circulate interactions and turbulence, and the final circulate of the ambience and ocean. pupil difficulties and routines are integrated on the finish of every bankruptcy. Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics: basics and Large-Scale move might be a useful graduate textbook on complex classes in GFD, meteorology, atmospheric technology and oceanography, and a very good assessment quantity for researchers. extra assets can be found at

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120) −1 is the density scale height of the ocean. In water, cs ≈ 1500 m s so that Hρ ≈ 200 km. 119) is (in this approximation) the potential density, this being the density that a parcel would have if moved adiabatically and with constant composition to the reference height z = 0. The adiabatic lapse rate of density is the rate at which the density of a parcel changes when undergoing an adiabatic displacement. 5%. 28 Chapter 1. Equations of Motion II. Entropy equation using pressure and temperature Taking entropy to be a function of pressure and temperature (and salinity if appropriate) we have T dη = T ∂η ∂T p,S = cp dT + T ∂η ∂p dT + T ∂η ∂p dp + T T ,S dp + T T ,S ∂η ∂S ∂η ∂S dS.

Obviously other equations are needed, and an equation of state is an expression that diagnostically relates the various thermodynamic variables to each other. 54) where µn is mass fraction of the nth constituent. An equation of this form is not the most fundamental equation of state from a thermodynamic perspective, an issue we visit later, but it connects readily measurable quantities. 55) where R is the gas constant for the gas in question and T is temperature. (R is related to the universal gas constant Ru by R = Ru /m, where m is the mean molecular weight of the constituents of the gas.

53) 14 Chapter 1. Equations of Motion and this relation is known as hydrostatic balance, or hydrostasy. It is clear in this case that the pressure at a point is given by the weight of the fluid above it, provided p = 0 at the top of the fluid. 52) provided vertical accelerations, Dw/Dt , are small compared to gravity, which is nearly always the case in the atmosphere and ocean. 53) provides an accurate enough pressure to determine the horizontal pressure gradients responsible for producing motion.

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