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0 6 3 rad/sec. 196 is calculated using Eq. ( 1 4 ) as a function of the selected G and the rest of the design parameters. This completes the algorithm design. Equation ( 1 4 ) also gives an easy way to update Κ with the dynamic pressure q. Notice that for a given design criterion (in this paper we chose a critical design), the adaptation gain, the corresponding closed-loop poles, and, consequently, the algorithm convergence speed are all proportional to the excitation frequency ω 0. 02 x 1 0 3 Given the small accelerations involved, the airspeed velocity may be a more suitable performance index than the acceleration itself.

Control law structure 43 The objectives of the control law are to provide satisfactory time response near the natural aircraft and good damping ratio for the short-period mode. As far as flexible modes are concerned, the control law must guarantee stability and a damping ratio close to that of the natural aircraft. Step 2 : C h o i c e o f c o m p a t i b l e modes This step consists in looking at the rigid and flexible compatible modes found by LQR. The elastic modes chosen are those which are changed a lot (more than 2 0 % ) .

5 2 7 - 5 3 1 . Sauer, C. , J r . ( 1 9 7 6 ) . Optimum Solar-Sail Interplanetary Trajectories. AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Conference, San Diego, C A , Aug 18-20. Speyer, J . L. and A. E . Bryson, J r . ( 1 9 6 8 ) . A Neighboring Optimum Feedback Control Scheme Based on Estimated T i m e - t o - G o with Application to R e - E n t r y Flight P a t h s . AIAA Journal, Vol. 6, No. 5, May, pp. 7 6 9 - 7 7 6 . W o o d , L. J . ( 1 9 7 2 ) . Perturbation Guidance for Minimum T i m e Flight P a t h s of Spacecraft.

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