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By Francesco Gabrieli

The recapture of Jerusalem, the siege of acre, the autumn of Tripoli, the impression in Baghdad of occasions in Syria; those and different happenings have been faithfully recorded by way of Arab historians throughout the centuries of the Crusades. First released in English in 1969, this e-book offers 'the different aspect' of the Holy conflict, providing the 1st English translation of up to date Arab debts of the battling among Muslim and Christian.

Extracts are drawn from seventeen assorted authors encompassing a large number of sources:

  • The normal histories of the Muslim global,
  • The chronicles of towns, areas and their dynasties
  • Contemporary biographies and documents of well-known deeds.

Overall, this e-book supplies a sweeping and stimulating view of the Crusades obvious via Arab eyes.

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Joscelin came to Ja‘bar as hostage for the Count, who went to Antioch in freedom. Then Jawalī released Joscelin, accepting as hostages in his place his and the Count’s brothers-in-law, and sending Joscelin to join the Count and strengthen his resolve to release his prisoners, pay the ransom and fulfil his other obligations. When Joscelin reached Manbij he captured and sacked it. Some of Jawalī’s men who were with him reproached him with a violation of his undertaking, but he replied that what he did to this city was no affair of theirs.

They brought up the two siege-towers and fought ferociously. In 1 The port of Antioch. Part One: From Godfrey to Saladin 17 the end the defenders lost heart, seeing no escape from certain death. In the evening the Franks made a breakthrough and forced their way into the city. The governor fled with a few companions, but they were brought back by the Franks, the whole party executed and the money they had with them confiscated. The city was sacked, the inhabitants captured and enslaved and their money and goods seized.

The fire grew and spread, overcame the two men working at the top of the tower, killing one and forcing the other to go down, enveloped the top platform and crept down to the next and then the next, consuming the wooden structure and overcoming the men working on the platforms. Unable to extinguish it, the Franks in and around the tower fled. The citizens of Tyre came out, raided the tower, and took away vast quantities of arms, equipment and supplies. 1 A T-cross, as the context makes clear. Part One: From Godfrey to Saladin 21 The Franks despaired of taking the city and began to withdraw.

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