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By Hermann Steller

Apoptosis and Development, the newest quantity of Current issues in Developmental Biology maintains the legacy of this foremost serial with caliber chapters authored by way of leaders within the box.

This quantity covers study tools in apoptosis and improvement, and contains sections on such subject matters because the non-lethal position of apoptotic proteins and germ line mobile demise in Drosophila.

  • Continues the legacy of this greatest serial with caliber chapters authored by means of leaders within the field
  • Includes descriptions of the newest advances within the field
  • Covers learn tools in apoptosis and improvement, and contains sections on such issues because the non-lethal function of apoptotic proteins and germ line mobilephone loss of life in Drosophila

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Elegans Apoptosis Regulators are Similar to Mammalian Tumor Factors—cont'd C. elegans Regulated Cell Mammalian Protein Function (Type) Homolog Tumor References UNC-86 Transcription CEM (neurons) factor BRN3 Neuroepithelial cancer UNC132 Kinase PIM-1 Leukemia, lung cancer, pancreatic Nehme et al. (2010) cancer, ovarian cancer TRA-1 Transcription HSN, CEM factor (neurons) Gli Nehme et al. (2010), Peden et al. Basal cell carcinoma, (2007), and Schwartz and Horvitz medulloblastoma,breast cancer, glioma, leukemia, prostate cancer, (2007) GI cancers, others a CEM (neuron) Tumors reporting associated changes in function of the indicated mammalian protein.

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