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By Robert L. Clark

The net Age is altering every thing approximately human invention and using expertise. The swap has been in comparison to that of the creation of printing. Making your personal telescope isn’t what it was, both, thank you in part to the web. The outdated days of grinding and sprucing are long gone – except you need to do it! now you can gather a very good tool from quite a lot of reasonable Internet-available elements, new or used. the web is the hot elements “junkyard,” with stuff from around the globe that you can choose via, day or evening. during this publication you can find out what’s in most cases to be had and the way to entry it. you'll tips on how to review optical parts and mix them from assorted web resources. you'll get many rules on the right way to make the elements that you simply don’t purchase or scrounge and the way to revive outdated lenses and mirrors. and you'll examine a few undemanding physics of designing ergonomic – cozy – telescopes. Navigating your method round the chances is straightforward utilizing this worthy and well timed source. With Robert Clark’s assist you can get the simplest that the web has to provide. start now!

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It should also provide palpable proof that the quality demands on an astronomical telescope are far greater than those on a terrestrial instrument. What may seem OK when looking at wild birds can be pretty useless on a celestial object. For this little telescope you need to acquire two magnifying glasses, one to be used as an objective lens and the other as an eyepiece. The dollar store in your area is a likely source. Your own top desk drawer may supply just what you need. Quality is not very important.

Keep it simple. m. after you have been observing all night. Be very conservative. The Dobsonian mount design and its variations are pretty well adapted for portability. Since the first two (relatively thin) eBay offerings would be lightweight, they would be very appropriate for a portable Dobsonian, telescope. Two other criteria for selecting a design are: How much you are willing to spend, and how much work you are willing to do? These play off against each other. An obvious way to save money is to do it yourself.

That allows the lens cell to tip around in the PVC fixture. It is very important to avoid this tipping. A ring was cut off a piece of 4-inch PVC, about 3/8 inches of the 4-inch tube. It needs to fit into the larger end of the adapter fixture and slide down to the sloped step. It has a square edge to support the lens cell and is carefully leveled so it will serve as a good base for the objective cell. Typical of PVC fittings the large end of the adapter has a slight taper. That is so that, when used for plumbing, a pipe pressed into the fitting will fit tightly.

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