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20 (1948) 236. Solid lines were calculated by Hereford and Swann. Experimental points between 0 and 3 M e V from Bleuler and Zunti, Helv. Phys. Acta 19 (1946) 376. The arrows indicate the normalization points for the theoretical curves 47 48 G. F. O'Neill and W. T. Scott, Phys. Rev. 80 (1950) 473. 49 Landolt-Bôrnstein, Zahlenwerte und Funktionen 1/5 (Springer-Verlag, Z. W . Varder, Phil. Mag. 2 9 (1915) 725. Berlin, 1952). CH. I INTERACTION OF ELECTRONS 21 curve depends on the geometry of the measuring apparatus, but the linear part is practically independent of the experimental arrangement.

0 < E0 < 3 MeV . 161 ; 2 E0 > 1 MeV . All the energies are expressed in MeV, R in g/cm . 54 55 L. Seren, Η . N . Friedlander a n d S. H . Turkel, Phys. R e v . 7 2 (1947) 888. 56 N . Feather, Proc. C a m b . Phil. Soc. 3 4 (1938) 599. 57 A . Flammersfeld, N a t u r w . 3 3 (1946) 280. E . Bleuler a n d W. Zunti, Helv. Phys. Acta 2 0 (1947) 197. g. knop and w. paul 24 CH. I In Fig. 26 the relation due to Flammersfeld, which has the largest range of validity, is shown graphically. The accurate determination of Rp is difficult.

D . R. C o r s o n and R. B . Brode, Phys. R e v . 5 3 (1938) 7 7 3 . CH. I Fig. 19. INTERACTION OF ELECTRONS 19 A l u m i n u m absorption curves for various electron energies. The curves are normalized at the practical range R . p Intensity units are arbitrary. The insert s h o w s the end point region on an expanded scale. F r o m Hereford and Swann, Phys. Rev. 78 (1950) 727 20 G. K N O P A N D W . P A U L 47 CH. 3-1 MeV. The solid curve represents the 48 A lengths R = § 0 άΕ/(άΕ/άχ) calculated according to Moller, Rossi and Greisen.

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