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In this time it Such a huge thing cannot turn quickly like has spun round its axis 365 times. That is a spinning top: it turns slowly and why there are 365 days and nights in a year. smoothly, without squeaks or jerks. It takes twenty four hours for the globe The Moon, like the Sun, rises and sets to turn around its axis. That's why we every day. If you look carefully at the stars, you will notice that all the stardo not notice it turning. When you cross the sea on a large liner ry sky seems to be turning very slowly.

But the automatic machines also discovered "heaters" which could warm the frozen water in the ground. They found volcanoes on Mars. They have become extinct and no longer erupt. However, heat still rises from the depths of the planet around them and the frozen earth could thaw. And if a volcano begins to erupt and red~hot lava pours from it, everything around will warm up, and water will gush in torrents. That means living creatures on Mars could quite easily get water for themselves from the air above and the soil below.

Why does it wander across th sky, guiding the Sun or following it For thousands of years people hav gazed in wonder at it and called it eithe the Evening or the Morning Star. I ancient times people called it Venu after the goddess of beauty and compose beautiful tales about it. They though that it was a beautiful maiden crossin the sky on a silver chariot driven b snow-white steeds. What is Venus really? It's not a star it's a planet. The word "planet" in Gree means "wanderer". All the stars alway shine in constellations in the same place, but some stars slo oWly "wander" from one constellation to another.

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