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This quantity of Advances in Botanical examine incorporating Advances in Plant Pathology comprises 5 studies on a number of subject matters including:* Foliar Endophytes and Their Interactions with Host vegetation, with particular connection with the Gymnospermae* crops looking for sun* The Mechanics of Root Anchorage* Molecular Genetics of Sulphate Assimilation* Pathogenecity, Host-specificity, and inhabitants Biology of Taesia spp, Causal brokers of Eyespot sickness of Cereals

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SUMMARY The term 'endophyte' has evolved not only to describe the location of an organism but also the actual association between the organism and its host plant. True endophytes colonize their host without any symptom expression. They are able to colonize a wide variety of hosts but some endophytic species show strong specificity towards specific host plants. Gymnospermae, which have quite unique types of leaves, harbour their own specialized group of foliar endophyte species. In order to understand the role of foliar endophytes completely, it is important to study the adaptation of endophytes to their specific environment, as well as the environmental factors that contribute to the different colonization patterns encountered in the host plant.

The diversity of the plant community may greatly influence the extent of colonization by endophytes, and is illustrated by the occurrence of host-specific fungi on non-hosts growing in mixed stands together with the main host (Kowalski and Kehr, 1996). Species composition in the endophyte population in Abies alba is dependent on the type of management of the forest (Sieber-Canavesi and Sieber, 1987). Clear cuttings and plantations eliminate the transmission of endophytic fungi and clear cutting modifies the plant community as well as the microclimate.

S. (1996). A comparative study of the effects of the root endophytes Leptodontium orchidicola and Phialocephala fortinii (Fungi Imperfecti) on the growth of some subalpine plants in culture. Canadian Journal of Botany 74, 1071-1078. Fisher, P. J. and Petrini, 0. (1987a). Location of fungal endophytes in tissues of Suaeda fruticosa: a preliminary study. Transactions. British Mycological Societv 89, 246-249. Fisher, P. J. and Petrini, 0. (1987b). Tissue specificity by fungi endophytic in Ulex europaeus.

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