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By Myles Brand, Douglas Walton

Complaints of the Winnipeg convention on Human motion, held at Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 9/11 may well 1975

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The acceptance of the procedures which transforms multihanded action into collective action seems to be essentially multihanded. 1 cannot, by myself, accept majority rule, and even if 1 can, by myself, impose one-woman rule, only we can accept and legitimate it. S 1 can't move the piano alone, but if! were stronger, 1 might. 1 can't play piano music for four hands alone, but if, like Siva, 1 had many arms, 1 might. To converse alone or to elect a leader alone, however, 1 would have to become several persons in one.

In such cases, doing things together will not be helping one another do more efficiently what some were already doing, but it will introduce genuinely new things to do. Such innovations, new forms of life, will usually involve a plurality of complementary roles, but these will multiply action possibilities without dividing what was already going on. For such roles, teaching and training will be not merely helpful but essential, since what we must learn is what we are doing, not just how to do it.

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