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By Hilary Lawson

Lawson presents a finished examine the background of western proposal, the evolution of technology and its makes an attempt to supply us with a ''theory of everything'' and an evaluate of the relativist a number of truths.

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It is possible however to identify a likely challenge to the story of closure which is shortly to be outlined, namely that it is an attempt at xlvi P RO L O G U E ‘ironist theory’ and thus a regressive move towards redivinising the world. An alternative and parallel critique employing Derridian language might be to charge that the vocabulary of closure reintroduces an unnecessary and undesirable logocentrism. As a first and preliminary reply to such criticisms I would argue that we are all theorists, whether we admit to being so or not, and however ironic we choose to be.

We refine our account of the world by testing our views against reality. We throw out those descriptions that are not accurate, or modify them, so that our account of how things are is continuously improved upon. Something is understood to be true because it accurately reflects the way the world is, and is false because it does not do so. Yet despite this everyday assumption, the Prologue concluded that the world cannot be a thing or consist of things. It cannot be so because when examined closely the notion turns out to be inconsistent.

However, an actual billiard ball is not billiard ball throughout, indeed any part of the billiard ball taken on its own is quite specifically not a billiard ball, since it would not be conducive to playing billiards. The same argument would apply if instead of a billiard ball we were to consider a piece of billiard ball although it might be less apparent since the piece would be unlikely to have a characteristic that we commonly identify. It can be seen therefore that the requirement that the thing is the same thing throughout is to require identity between any parts of the thing.

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