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A Species In Denial is Jeremy Griffith's definitive paintings at the human situation after 30 years writing at the topic. Foreword by means of Templeton Prize profitable biologist, Charles Birch. Addresses the crux factor of the human , our skill for reliable and evil, describing how people have coped with the obstacle through residing in denial of it. The publication then explains the organic reason behind the human situation, finishing the denial and maturing humanity to mental freedom. Examines technology, faith, politics, psychiatry, mythology, women and men.

There is an advent to the topic of the human after which 4 awesome essays: interpreting Plato's Cave Allegory, Resignation, Bringing Peace to the warfare among the Sexes and the Denial-Free historical past Of The Human Race, The Demystification of faith. The e-book concludes with a short profile of the basis for Humanity's maturity, a non-profit organization dedicated to selling this new frontier of considering, written by way of global well known mountaineer and two times honoured Order of Australia recipient, FHA Director Tim Macartney-Snape AM.

A Species In Denial has turn into a bestseller in Australia the place it has generated terribly confident responses from eminent humans and the general public

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Why a high IQ or ‘cleverness’ was needed was to deny and evade the truth. That was the real art. Universities have high IQ entrance requirements because they have been the custodians of denial, keepers of ‘the great lie’. A student had to be able to investigate the truth and talk about the truth without confronting it or admitting it, which is a very difficult, IQ-demanding undertaking. 62 Print Ed two Brittany fishermen and a farmer in Savoy. 30 of 471). 133 of 275). Now that the human condition is thankfully resolved, human intelligence can end its life of deluded denial, its lying arrogance, and take up a truthful, humble existence.

Intellectualism is the opposite of instinctualism in that the former has been concerned with the art of denial while the latter is concerned with God or cooperative meaningconfronting, soulful truth. To date human intelligence has largely been concerned with the art of denial, not with truthful thinking. Artful, sophisticated, evasive, esoteric, cryptic, intellectual cleverness was needed to establish, defend and maintain the safe, nonconfronting, escapist, alienated state. Universities selected for cleverness—you have not been able to attend a university unless you pass exams that test for mental aptitude—not because cleverness was best at thinking and learning, as those living in denial have evasively maintained, but because ‘dumbness’ or lack of intelligence could not be trusted A Species In Denial — Introduction 44 to maintain the denial.

The deaf effect response to this information is a measure of just how penetrating it is; in fact it authenticates the integrity of the material being presented. 53 Print Ed The major problem has been that people who have difficulty reading about the human condition—virtually all adults—cannot know that this deaf effect is occurring. If people knew they were alienated they would not be alienated; if we can recognise that we have blocked something out then necessarily we have not blocked it out. People living in denial are not aware that they are.

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